Tangerine Ginger Lime Cooler

Tangerine Ginger Lime Cooler

When it comes to juicing, oranges get all the press, yet the smaller, sweeter and flavorful tangerine also deserves time in the spotlight. 

Tangerines, a type of mandarin, originated in the 1800s and referred to sweet mandarins that were shipped from the Port of Tangiers, Morocco.


Tangerine Ginger Lime Cooler, Vinci Hands Free Citrus Juicer




Tangerines are mostly known for their easy to peel skin and sweet flavor, but also have juice that is typically sweeter than orange juice and is terrific for drinking, cocktails, desserts, recipes and more. 

We used our tangerine juice to make this light and refreshing Tangerine Ginger Lime Cooler using our Vinci Hands-Free Citrus Juicer. 

When selecting tangerines, you should look for the ones that do not have any blemishes, soft spots, dents, cuts, or mold. Pick fruit that is slightly heavy for their size; this means that they "liquid" dense and typically sweeter and juicier.




Tangerine Ginger Lime Cooler



  • 1 lime
  • 6 tangerines
  • 6 oz. ginger beer soda 
  • Crushed Ice
  • 2 star anise (optional)


Slice tangerines and lime crosswise. Using the Vinci fine pulp stainer place each fruit half,  one at a time onto Vinci reamer and juice according to instructions.

When all halves are juiced release juice spout and pour juice into a small pitcher. Add in ginger beer and gently stir.

Add crushed to two glasses and divide juice among glasses. Top with star anise and enjoy!

Tangerine Ginger Lime Cooler, Vinci Hands Free Citrus Juicer



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