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We here at Vinci Housewares are dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and distributing unique, quality consumer-based housewares products that solve specific consumer problems.

We understand that "me too, same old" products can easily get lost on the shelf and in the market if they do not differentiate themselves. As a company, we are committed to a higher calling of excellence and dedication to functionality, quality, supply, and support.

Since its founding, Vinci Housewares has quickly become a brand to watch in the housewares sector, offering unique products that stand out on shelves. Not only are we dedicated to optimizing the performance of our current products, our development team tirelessly pursues new growth and product opportunities.

If you are interested in learning about retail partnership opportunities with us, please do not hesitate to reach out.

If you are interested in becoming one of our retail partners or want to learn more about our full line of retail solutions, fill out the contact form below, give us a call at 888-735-3621 or email us at





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